Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mike Mangione and David Thies

Check out this cool vid of my friend David Thies opening for Mike Mangione. The song playing on the video is sung by David and it's called "Somewhere Safe", very beautiful. It's so encouraging to see awesome people out there doing great things for God and spreading the Good News :) rock on!

Christ's Spousal Gift on the Cross

Check out this AWESOME article by Christopher West on Holy Week and the Spousal gift of Jesus on the Cross...

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Mother Earth" Given Human Rights Status?

This article is so outrageous it's almost laughable if these people weren't serious about pushing this agenda. 

The Earth given "human rights" status? um....how about recognizing the God given human rights of little babies? seems to me that's a great place to start...

Note to Mr. Morales- capitalism is not the "central enemy" of mother earth.

We as humans are given the job of subduing and caring for the earth, not worshiping it. We care for the earth as God's creation, using responsibly the resources that He has given us. The earth is not to be put above God or humanity.

Happy Holy Week

Hello to you all- Happy Holy Week

So, here we are, into the home stretch before the Triduum and the celebration of Easter. Is it just me or were there 650 days of Lent this year? maybe it's just me.....

I have been reading Love and Responsibility by Pope John Paul II all during Lent and it is ROCKING MY WORLD. whee! that book is absolutely amazing, i am in awe of it.

As i was reading yesterday, the Holy Father was writing that it's in the time of trial when our true love is revealed. He was saying that in the encounter of love, our loved one's weaknesses and sins show up but this is not a cause for us to run away, but to love all the more deeply.

This flies in the face of the societal idea of "love", which is heavy on the emotional/physical reaction to another person or their body but doesn't go the distance of the integration of love- which always goes to the heart of who a person is, not their compilation of attributes.

Perhaps we find ourselves in a situation where "we've lost that lovin' feeling". does this mean we no longer love?  Or perhaps things happen in life and in our commitments that "we didn't sign up for." Should we bail out of the situation and look for "greener pastures"?

The world says "yes" but Jesus invites us to a deeper level of intimacy.

I once heard a very holy man (who has been married quite a while) say "If our relationships are stale and boring, it's a sure sign that there are parts of our hearts that are locked up."

Temptations, trials and struggles are weight room of life. 

When we hit a wall or a struggle in our lives, we cannot run away from it but ask Jesus to help us go deeper.

We see this especially in Holy Week. It wasn't enough that Jesus talked about giving his life or speaking of the work and love of his Father, but that Jesus prayed to the Father for the strength to follow His will to the end- to the complete gift of self in love.

Knowing what Jesus knew, I doubt He "felt like" going through Holy Week. I am guessing that knowing that pretty much all this disciples, his best friends, would bail on Him when He needed them the most, He probably didn't have much of a "loving feeling" about His passion.

As Fr. Emmerich Vogt so often says, "emotions are given to us to move us, but not to make our decisions for us."

So, as you look in your life and see trials and struggles, know that you are not alone. Know that you can ask Jesus to help you become honest, open and willing.

With His help, you can bring love to where there is none. You can bring real love to a relationship or situation that appears dead or is difficult.

There is always hope.

That's what Holy Week brings to us-- that our sins and failings and sufferings are not the end of the story. But that through love, Jesus takes those things upon Himself so we can experience Resurrection. We have nothing to fear.

We are loved by love :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We All Need A Lullaby

Here at our mission, we have had the distinct privilege and honor to participate in the 40 Days For Life prayer vigil at a local Planned Parenthood during this Lent.

Of the several hours we have been there, we have had many experiences. Located on a busy street, many people stopped at the stoplights, stared and pointed at our signs and presence.

Often they waved and smiled at us.

Many times we were given the "one-finger salute" and had other vulgar things shouted at us. Two young women walked by and told us that we were disturbing the peace and that they would pray we would "get smart" about life issues.

But something a woman shouted from her car yesterday made me ponder it all day today. Going through the stoplight, a middle aged woman leaned out of her car window and shouted,
"Mind your own business!"

Mind your own business? hmm.....mind my own business....


I am guessing that what she really meant was that we should "mind our own business about what women choose to do with their bodies."

That is a common talking point of pro-abortion people. That everyone "should keep out of a woman's right to choose."

And as so many have said-- that right to choose what?

the murder of innocent children? I should stand mute and pretend that this horrible holocaust is not happening? that these children aren't really people who are being sacrificed, the consequences of which we will stagger under when they are revealed?

I know this is an unpleasant topic, I know. But abortion, contraception and the culture of death is an unpleasant reality.

I would like to ask that woman, "should the world have minded it's own business when Hitler was exterminating Jews? what about the earthquake in Japan, shall we mind our own business and turn a deaf ear to their cry for help?"

Shall we not help the helpless, the defenseless, the innocent?

Here's the deal, it seems to me, with the mindset of many pro-abortion people. Those who believe in the unalienable right, given by the Creator, to life, are often placed in a no-win situation-- that is, if you are a man and you stand up for the right to life, you are told that it's none of your business (even though a man is a father) because you are not a woman, but if you are a woman and you stand up for the right to life you are accused of not being "pro-woman".

Let me tell you now that I am ardently pro-life and ardently pro-woman- the real meaning of what it means to be pro-woman.

We, as women, are buying into lies that are destroying us. We are told that birth control and abortion and a repulsion from the gift of bearing life in our souls and bodies will "set us free"

We are told that we can "act like men" and we will (finally) achieve "freedom."

Honestly, ladies, how is that working for us? Really. Let's be honest. Let's look within and look at statistics and see if the embrace of these "freedoms" is really setting us free or destroying us one by one.

I think if we are really honest with ourselves, we will see the truth.

Besides, what honor is there in behaving like badly behaved men? A man who sleeps around is not living up to his true dignity and nobility as a man. Instead of sacrificing himself for his beloved, when he engages in that behavior, he emasculating himself by sacrificing women on the altar of his lusts.

Men long for more than promiscuity and lust.

It's no badge of honor to choose to act like an animal. It will never lead to satisfaction and intimacy. This is slavery at one of its deepest levels.

When I hear the stories of women who have embraced this life and the lies of society (and we all do to a certain extent until we embark on a path of healing), my heart breaks. My heart breaks for the woman who felt she had no other choice than to abort her child. My heart breaks for her pain, for her loss and for the loss of her little one.

My heart breaks as I hear girls speak about giving what was most precious to a man who didn't care, only to have everything they had hoped for shattered and broken.

Their honesty and courage pierces my heart and humbles me deeply.

When Pope Benedict XVI visited Australia for World Youth Day, he spent some time at a drug and alcohol rehab center for young people. He listened to the stories of addiction, pain and recovery. And then he told these young people that when they are on the road to recovery, they become "ambassadors of hope" for the world.

Recovery is possible, healing is possible. Jesus wants to do this for us.

Sometimes we are in so much pain, that what we really need is a safe place to rest. We can always go into the heart of Jesus and rest there.

I think we all need a lullaby. For us, for our children, for those who have left this life-- may we all rest in peace.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taylor Swift: "No Nudity for Me"

Check out this article on Taylor Swift who is publicly speaking out that she will not pose nude for any pictures.

God bless you Taylor!

Thank you for embracing true beauty.

May God protect you always.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dvorak- Symphony No. 9-- "From the New World"

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music that I have ever heard. Wow. So amazing. It is written by Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, who composed during the Romantic Period (my favorite- so rich and complex and deep, like Rachmaninoff, Chopin and Debussy)

This particular music comes from his Symphony No. 9 "From the New World", he wrote this work after visiting America.

I am posting two clip of it- the first is the original symphonic version (this video features breathtaking views of planet Earth as seen from space, set to the music)  the second is the same piece arranged for the human voice.

Both are astounding.

I just want to thank God for the gift of music and for giving us creativity and desire.

I pray that this gift of music brings some beauty your way today.

Bless you :)

Friday, April 08, 2011

Plastic Surgery Horror

This entire article just broke my heart. While surface "fixes" may give some momentary "relief", at the root of our struggles is a matter of our heart and soul. 

No matter what we do to our appearance, true acceptance and transformation takes place by the healing power of Jesus in the depths of our heart and soul.

Bishop Fulton Sheen said something along the lines of "the beauty on the outside never permeates within, but the beauty within radiates on the face."

May we all know that we are truly beautiful because God created us that way.

It takes a lot of courage to live and be the people God created us to be- but, is there any other way to really live?

I heard a song lyric that stated, "everybody dies but not everybody lives"

Theology of the Body and the Eucharist...

The last of three talks that I gave in August 2010 at the Faith on Fire Conference

Grace Like Rain...

Woke up this morning with this song in my heart--
Happy Friday-

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thought for the day....

Sometimes we are plagued with the lie that we have to "be someone" to do something great in the world. I came across this beautiful quote yesterday by Henri De Lubac:

'The best Christians and the most vital are by no means to be found either inevitably or even generally among the wise or clever, the intelligentsia or the politically minded, or those of social consequence. And consequently, what they say does not make the headlines, what they do does not come to the public eye. Their lives are hidden from the eyes of the world - yet these are responsible, more than anyone else, for ensuring that our earth is not a hell on earth.'

Many of you have asked how you can get in contact with me. You can do so by leaving a comment on this blog with your question and contact information. Please know that I will not publish your comment with contact info.

God bless you :)