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Some thoughts from our Superior, Sr. Anne Marie Walsh

Dear Family and Friends of Our Lady's Society,
On behalf of Our Lady's Sisters, and in gratitude for all the gifts of love and prayer and support that come to us through you, we would like to extend our warmest wishes for the fullness of blessing, grace, peace, light and joy upon each and everyone of you. Enclosed is an excerpt from the book "Fire of Mercy-Heart of the Word" by Erasmo Leiva Merikakis, (which is a series of meditations on the Gospel according to St. Matthew). His words contain something of the joy, the hope and the promise we ask be fulfilled in each of you.
"From within the darkness of the world and the vicissitudes of history, and yet rooted in them, the Word of God leaps forth by his own deliberate design. History has been for Him. Both the faith of Abraham and the royalty of David-who sum up the whole genealogy, are united and fulfilled in Christ. While in human generation, it is always the ancestors who ennoble the name of their descendants, in…

Lest we forget....

Just in case the commercialism of Christmas has convinced you that having all of the presents you want under the tree will bring you lasting happiness, Pope Benedict reminds us of the true meaning of life and happiness.

I don't know about you, but I remember being a child and opening my presents on Christmas morning, only to find that everything I had asked for was not there. I remember at times, in spite of all of the other gifts that I received, being disappointed. Disappointed. After being given so many things, and after all of the hard work of my parents, I was disappointed. Something is seriously wrong with that attitude.

I think that's one of the things that Jesus came to save us from. He came to save us from illusive happiness and empty promises. He came to bring true and lasting happiness. He makes promises that last and that never fade.

God gives so many gifts during this season of Advent and Christmas. He has gifts for us. Unlike the ones that are under the tree, the o…

Just when you thought it was changing....

Wow. that's all i can say after reading this

Too bad that's an all too frequent reality in many parts of the world.

Say an extra prayer for the missionary religious of the world.

You heard it here....

This was an interesting talk given by Pope Benedict yesterday. The world needs a GOOD witness of religious life. There is nothing more scandalous than a religious who is not living out their vows. It is so easy to get sucked into the ways and the thoughts of the world and forget who you really are. As religious, our light has to shine brightly before men and there is nothing that dims that light faster than watering down the truth and buying into the ways of the world.

Being a Christian means that we follow Christ, not ourselves.

So, whatever happened to Christmas?

Okay, so after hearing so much controversy over the use of the word "Christmas", i thought you might find this interesting. One of my friends was telling me that at his place of work (which shall remain nameless) one of the employees crossed out "Christ" in Christmas that was written on a chalkboard and replaced it with an "X" as in, Xmas. Yikes.

I guess we really don't understand from where we have come and to where are going at the end of our life (hopefully to heaven). So many people see God as an obstacle to their lives instead of a cornerstone. I remember seeing this one movie where the lead character makes a "prayer" to God in these words, "God, you don't have to help me but don't get in my way." holy cow. We'd be in a lot of trouble if God ever got out of our way.

Be sure to wish someone a "Merry Christmas."

Happy December

God bless you! Happy December and continuing Advent Season to you! As we get closer to the day when Jesus will be born in our hearts, I thought I'd share Pope Benedict's December Prayer Intentions with you! Don't hesitate today to show someone kindness and love. See the goodness in all of God's creation, including yourself!
Blessed Day!