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Discounted Abortions on Sunday...

'Getting an abortion means getting a second chance' an ad on the site reads.

A second "chance"? second chances for the child who loses their life. Life is never the same after an abortion. It's a second chance for no one.


The headline speaks for itself- 'Jogger targeted by teens turns out to be hung fu expert'

Another Brave Mother...

Katy Perry is 'Wide Awake'

Katy Perry has released a video for her new song, "Wide Awake." The lyrics and images used in this song and video are interesting indeed. The video is not suitable for children but I think adults can see something deeper.

Here is a young woman, one of the most successful singers in recent history, letting her fans know that the life that has come upon her is not all it appears to be? What appears to be glamorous and fun has a darker side? A side that has robbed her of her childhood innocence? Interesting.


How is this for a philosophical reflection upon beauty?

"It is impossible to talk about bodily beauty if one, like one born blind has never seen and known bodily beauty. In the same way, it is impossible to talk about the "luster" of right living and of learning and of the like if one has never cared for such things, never beheld the "face of justice" and temperance and seen it to be "beyond the beauty of evening or morning star." Seeing of this sort is only done with the eye of the soul. And, seeing thus, one undergoes a joy, a wonder, and a distress more deep than any other because here one touches truth. 

Such emotion all beauty must induce-- an astonishment, a delicious wonderment, a longing, a love, a trembling that is all delight. It may be felt for things invisible quite as for things you see, and indeed the soul does feel it. All souls, we can cay, feel it, but souls that are apt for love feel it especially. It is the same here as with bodily b…

Women in Combat?

Check out this interesting article on the idea of whether women should be allowed to serve on the front lines in battle and also in specialized forces such as the Rangers and SEALS.

I think its interesting that the article points out the fact that it wasn't until the 1970s that the Women's Army Corp was disestablished to "eliminate distinction between men and women in the US Army." That says a lot.

This question of women on the front lines in battle has been a controversial topic over the past 40 years. Some people argue that a soldier is a soldier, no matter male nor female. Others say that women become a liability by their natural composition and it just gives men in battle yet another problem to worry about.

The truth is that there IS a distinction between men and women. Society would have us think that there are profound differences, only s…

The 'Ultimate Arbiter'...

According to President Obama, celebrities and clothing designers will decide which direction the country goes...

Snow White and the Wicked Queen: A Tale of Two Beauties

The latest version of Snow White that debuted in the theaters last week is an interesting take on the classic story of a power hungry woman who desires beauty above all else. This particular story- Snow White and the Huntsman is certainly NOT the Disney version and it offers some poignent insights into true vs false beauty.

Since the fairy tale is well known, there won't be any spoilers here. The story begins with the good queen seeing rose in bloom in the middle of winter (sounds like the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe-but that's not part of the story...) and after pricking her finger on the thorns of the rose stem, the queen wishes for a daughter whose hair is black, skin white as snow and lips the color of the red rose.

In the movie, the child born to the queen is lovely indeed and the queen blesses her daughter saying, "you have a rare gift of beauty and it's in here (placing her hand upon the little girl's heart) don't ever lose it." That alone sp…

"Dad, I Think He's Dead..."

Lol! Good one!

Fr. Pontifex's New Video

Not one to shy away from controversy, Fr. Pontifex shines the light of truth into the darkness of atheism.

Kalai on Glenn Beck

Click on this link to hear a sample of the supercool song by Kalai that was featured on Glenn Beck's radio program yesterday.

Kalai will also be performing at the Restoring Love event.

Restoring Love

Here is brief video from Glenn Beck about the Restoring Love event. See the post below about the song that was chosen as the theme for the event! Awesome!

Glenn Beck Chooses Matt Maher's Music as Theme for Restoring Love

Glenn Beck announced today that he has chosen a song by Catholic musician Matt Maher as the theme for the Restoring Love celebration in this July in Dallas, TX.

Rock ON Matt and Glenn!!

Here is the song-- Hold Us Together-

Venus Crosses the Sun...

Check out this AP photo of the planet Venus crossing the Sun- amazing!

you can see the actual path in this video below--