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Holy Father's Lenten Message

Lent is just around the corner!

As we begin to prepare our hearts for this holy and healing season, please read Pope Benedict's Lenten Message.

May you grow closer to Jesus and Mary this Lenten Season and may your heart be filled with truth, goodness and beauty.

Happy Lent!

Br. Duran Update

Dear Friends,
Here is an update on some of our brothers who were injured in the car accident a few months ago. Many of you have been asking about their status and sending prayers their way. This update was received in January.

"Br. Tristan, Br. Raul and I traveled to see Br. Duran in Denver on Monday and Tuesday of this week. He is getting better and better!

He can't really talk but he tries and we try to read his lips. When we arrived on Monday evening we joked with him and he laughed and listened for about an hour and a half. He fell asleep after lots of smiles. He recognized all of the brothers! Many people are visiting. His mother was quite happy to see us as well. By the grace of God she is doing better. She smiled quite a bit too.

Fr. Glenn is a tremendous blessing. He celebrates Mass everyday in the hospital room for Br. Duran and whoever is visiting. Br. Duran cannot eat or drink but Fr. Glenn sometimes breaks off a little piece of Jesus and puts a drop of His blood on Br…