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Website Problems.....

Sorry folks, I am having some website problems. I hope to have this worked out as soon as possible, please check back with us later. (

God bless you-
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Interesting Article

Here's an interesting article found in Time magazine about the changing ways of religious life. I find it fascinating that the public is picking up on what is bringing women back to the discernment of a religious vocation.

Suffering Part II

Well, much like the rain here in Seattle, the hard times that certain people suffer do not seem to end! Just the other day at Mass, we heard the Gospel of Jesus exhorting his disciples that "Whoever wishes to come after Me, must deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me." Why does that still suprise us in our own life? I often ask myself that question. Sometimes it seems like we are jarred at the cost of living as a disciple. But as Jesus goes on to say in the same Gospel, we have to go into discipleship as an all-or-nothing deal. We can't begin this journey only to fall by the wayside half way through.

Perhaps one of the reasons why discipleship is so difficult for us is because we are afraid to die to ourselves. We are afraid to give the things that Jesus asks of us. To us, these things seem very big, but they aren't in comparison to what Jesus wants to give us in return. But because we don't see the way that God sees, we hold back a bit. We hesitate. We wei…

Happy All Saints Day

We wish you a very happy All Saints Day! We join with the Church in thanking and praising God for all of His saints and we ask them to intercede for us to help us along our journey to eternity.

God bless you! :)