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Thanks be to God that we made it back safely to the U.S.! Pics to come soon!
God bless you all! I have no access to the internet to post my pics so I guess they will have to wait. Our community is beginning to gather here in Legaspi City, the Bicol region of the Philippines. This has been an amazing experience, I hope the pictures, when posted, can tell a little bit of the story.
Until then....

God's peace and joy to you all
here's the other croc video!! lol! like i said, don't try this at home!!
I am in the Philippines now and will go to the islands this week. hope to post some pics soon so come back again and check!
God bless you!
Pray for us all here!
The amazing crocodile carriers, my "crocdile charming" skills (see? I put him to sleep) and a mid-day snack. (no i didn't really, don't worry)

Crocodile Farm 2

okay, one of the videos isn't working, I'll try again later.
Here are some other pics you may like better ;)

They asked me to wrestle some of the crocodiles before I could leave, I only had to choose which I chose the ones below ;) I think they are a few weeks old!! tough, huh??

Crocodile Farm

We went to a crocodile farm today on the outskirts of Bangkok. It was home to 60,000 crocodiles and some various other animals. Call me wimpy but I just mostly felt sorry for the animals! It was a memorable experience.

I am posting 2 videos of the crocodile/man act. You may not like them, since these guys are kind of crazy but at any rate, no one was eaten. ;) DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!!