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Year of Faith

Next month Pope Benedict is opening a holy year dedicated as a Year of Faith.

This is a BIG DEAL, people.

Much needed grace for ourselves and the world will be poured out this coming year. Let's open our hearts to this rain of grace and grow in faith and action.

Check out the official site here-

Olympian Shaun White Arrested...

Another example that fame does not necessarily bring happiness nor does it erase a person's struggles in their heart. I hope Shaun can seek some healing. God bless him.

Justin Bieber's Mom Sharers Her Story

This is a beautiful story about a woman who chose life- Justin Bieber's mom. God bless her--

What's In A Name?....

This cartoon made me laugh! Happy Saturday :)

The Triumph of the Cross

Today is an incredible feast day in the Church- the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross.

The feast originated as a celebration of the recovery of the True Cross that Jesus suffered and died upon and which was discovered by St. Helena.

But this feast day is so much more than just a celebration of recovery of a relic. It's a celebration of the recovery of our lives from sin.

The readings for today's Mass include the story of Moses lifting up the bronze serpent on a pole so the Israelites could recover after they complained bitterly about the ways of God. The suffering caused by seraph snakes was turned into healing when blessed by God. The cause was transformed into redemption.

We see this in the life of Jesus after He rises from the dead. The wounds that caused His death became the lights of glory that healed Thomas. By His wounds the disciples knew Him and where healed. Jesus healed their doubt through His suffering and resurrection and it set them free.

Do we not see this i…

Breaking Amish=Breaking Hearts?

The TLC channel is rolling out yet another "reality" TV show. No, it's not about people in a polygamous relationship or about nerdy adults who are virgins. Its not about people who have taboo sex, talk to "dead people" or about a little girl who lives in the south with a family who seemingly loves breathing on each other for fun in addition to being loud and obnoxious.

No, no folks. Those stellar shows are already featured on the network.

The latest show is called Breaking Amish and it features five young men and women who are either Amish or Mennonite and wish to leave their families and their way of life to travel to the outside world of New York City.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think young people wanting to go outside the norm of their family life is something that is rare. That desire to explore the "outside world" whatever it may be is a common part of growing up. And obviously, someone who has grown up in the Amish community has…

Franciscan University Criticized Over Class Description

Apparently a former student at Franciscan University who is openly gay is offended over a recent description of a class that is being offered by the university.

Read the article here:

I would like to point out that homosexuality (the attraction to and sexual uniting with a member of one's own sex) was listed by the American Psychiatric Association as an aberrant condition. In 1973, it was removed the the list-- read more
     The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association yielded suddenly and completely to political pressure when in 1973 it removed homosexuality as a treatable aberrant condition. A political firestorm had been created by gay activists within psychiatry, with intense opposition to normalizing homosexuality coming from a few outspoken psychiatrists who were demonized and even threatened, rat…

Dinesh D'Souza Speaks Out

Dinesh D'Souza, creator of the movie 2016 (which you NEED to see if you haven't done so already), spoke out against White House criticism of his film.

Read the interview here-

Cardinal Dolan's DNC Closing Prayer

The Diocese of Charlotte says that the major TV networks skipped the coverage of Cardinal Dolan's closing prayer at the Democratic National Convention. How convenient.

See it here-

Serena Williams Is Awesome

Serena Williams won her FOURTH U.S. Open title yesterday. This woman is an amazing athlete and competitor. We as women are so often encouraged, it seems, to downplay our strengths and gifts.

Serena makes no apologies for her talent and strength and I love that.

Watch a clip of the match below


Oh the irony....this is a very clever video on the irony of "choice" in regards to abortion and light bulbs and soda.

Another Good Song

Here is another good song, like Home, that speaks of a deep longing in our hearts to be loved no matter what.

Upcoming Retreats...

People often ask about upcoming retreats that I am involved in and I am pleased to announce TWO upcoming retreats in various parts of the country.

The Dignity of Woman-September 21st and 22nd in Corpus Christi, TX.

This retreat for women ages 18+ will focus on the beauty and dignity of women and the plan God has for us. SOLT General Superior, Sr. Anne Marie Walsh, and myself will be giving the talks.

To find out more or to register click here

Freedom Conference-October 5th and 6th in Boise, ID.

This retreat for anyone interested will focus on God's love for us and how to break free of what holds us back from experiencing that love and living to our fullest potential. The conference will be headed by an outstanding marriage and family therapist, Jake Khym, along with his wife and two great priests as well (and a random nun who will be giving one of the talks ;) ).

To find out more or to register for this retreat click here

An American Dream...

In the United States, we all know that this is an election year. It seems like every four years people say, "This election is a decisive one, it's very important." And perhaps that is true. Choosing a leader for the U.S. is a huge decision as that position of power affects the entire planet.

The topic of most discussion this year seems to be the economy. Unemployment is uncomfortably high, housings prices have dropped and the US dollar is losing its value. These are problems that effect the average person and all of us want to live peaceful and secure lives. A worker is entitled to his wages. Work is a noble activity that transforms the world.

But is the economy or even national security the foundation upon which we choose our leaders? Or is there something more foundational?

As the election comes closer and closer we, the American people, must take a very serious look at what we are really supports the foundation upon which this great nation was built.

The Declarat…


A song from Jesus? Home is in his heart.... :) let Him sing it to you!

What Do I Stand For?

I heard this song, Some Nights, #3 on the iTunes chart as of now, yesterday in the car. This really is the anthem of the current generation.

Read the lyrics very carefully. It's a very insightful song into the angst of today's young people. (not a song for children, even though I am posting the clean version here)

Listen for these lyrics-- "what do I stand for?", "I sold my soul for this?", "five minutes in and I'm bored again", "some nights I wish it would all end", "I found a martyr in my bed tonight, she stops my bones from wondering who I am"