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Melanie Pritchard's Survival Story

The 700 Club is airing the miraculous survival story of the beautiful Catholic speaker, Melanie Pritchard.

If you have not heard of her before, Melanie is an ardent pro-life speaker known in many Catholic circles. When she was giving birth to her second child (pictured at right), Melanie suffered a rare embolism combined with other life-threatening complications and was given a zero percent chance of survival before being restored to life through the power of God. She has been featured on EWTN's Life on the Rock as well.

Check out the 700 Club link here:

Read an article about her here-

"We Are All Nuns"...

An editorial in the New York Times claims that "we are all nuns". Really?

The May 1st Uprising Is Nonsense, Don't Get Involved

A bank in Seattle was apparently firebombed in "preparation" for a May 1st uprising being promoted by Occupy movements across the US. Think this is a grassroots, innocent group that just wants a little peace and justice? Think again.

Read the article about the Seattle bank here.

The Occupy movements who are planning to gear up again on May 1st are well-run, and well-funded organizations with one goal in mind: anarchy which leads to total chaos. They claim to want to tear down the system so true "equality" can reign but their methods are only to bring fear, destruction and insanity.

Don't get involved. It's not an innocent group of people.

Yes, our country has problems and yes, there is inequality and suffering but it's not the direct fault of a capitalism, it's the result of sin. Think a communist answer would solve the problem? It won't. Ask the people in North Korea how that's working for them. Oh right, we can't. They are under total c…

Jim Wallis Doesn't Know What He Is Talking About

Jim Wallis, spiritual adviser to President Obama and a leftist "social justice" supporter, has spoken out recently against the Vatican (not a surprise, really) saying that the Vatican is wrong to want to reform the LCWR.

Read the entire article here

I would like to address a specific comment of his-

The sisters may be the most positive face of the Catholic Church today, and they are keeping people in the Church who would have given up on the all-male hierarchy long ago. These women are often the ones at the core of Jesus’ ministry, building relationships with the poor and vulnerable and most concretely offering the love of God. If you had a referendum on whom the best faith and moral teachers are in many local communities and parishes around the country, it would likely be the women who are now under attack. That is the sad situation here and the serious mistake being made by the Vatican. The Church is very concerned about these sisters losing focus on abortion. But,…

Piano Man on a Friday

Check out this awesome vid of a six-year-old boy playing "Piano Man" with his dad. For more details about this little boy's life, click on the link under the video

Thank you, Canada!

I just wanted to say a special thank you to the staff and awesome students at the high schools in Canada who welcomed me so kindly these past couple of days. You are all in my prayers. You matter and you are loved!

Thanks :)

The Reformation of the LCWR

Two days ago, after assessing the evidence gathered by investigation of religious life in the United States, the Vatican announced that the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), needs a reform. The Vatican listed doctrinal and practical issues at the heart of the mandate for reform. (as an aside, my SOLT community is NOT a part of this organization. We are members of the other organization the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious, CMSWR) 

This mandate for reform will potentially be a very explosive situation. I am personally glad that Archbishop Sartain has been chosen to lead this reform, he has a special charism which I believe will help in the healing of this process.

Allow me, as a religious sister, to say a few things about this mandate and the situation of the women in the LCWR.

First of all, don't believe the hype of the mainstream media. You will most likely read stories that this is yet another "war on women" by a male hierarchy or that it i…

Archbishop Sartain To Lead Reform of LCWR

Our very own Archbishop Peter Sartain has been chosen by the Vatican to oversee the investigation and reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. Read the article here.

Let us pray for Archbishop Sartain and all involved, this will not be easy. I will post something about this issue soon.

The Test of Fire...

Check out this cool video from Catholics Called To Witness:

Redefinition of Rights?

A reader posted a thoughtful and interesting comment on the Referendum 74 post this morning. I was going to just respond to that post personally but as I thought about it throughout the day, I thought I would write a separate post about it.

Here is the comment: Sister – thank you very much for your thoughts on this. While I agree that what you say is the truth, I struggle with the issue of using political means to obtain religious ends. “Marriage is a covenant, not a contract.” While true, the secular world treats it as a contract and will continue to do so no matter what it’s called (marriage, civil union, etc.). As you pointed out in the video, people wonder why they need a piece of paper to tell them that they’re married. Restoring marriage won’t change this attitude of secular society, they will only see it as redefinition because they see marriage as a contract, not a covenant. The Church gave up control of marriage when it allowed civil authorities to perform marri…

NFL Team Seeking A Few Good Wives....

Love this story!

“If you’re happy at home with your wife at home, I think the energy level is higher,” Jaguars' coach Mularkey said “It’s very important to me … There’s a lot that goes with being married. I just believe the happier you are with your wife, the happier you are on the field. I really believe that.”

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Referendum 74: Safeguarding the Sanctity of Marriage

Voters in Washington State- please sign Referendum 74 and help safeguard the sanctity of marriage. My deep respect goes out Archbishop Sartain and Bishop Elizondo for their support of this Referendum and for speaking the truth.

Here are some thoughts from me in video form--

 *Edit- when I am speaking about proper order, I meant to write intellect and will, not intellect and reason. Our intellect is ordered to know the truth and our will is ordered to choose the truth which is good. All of our faculties need healing to be ordered toward the true Good who is God.

Wanna Split Some Nachos?

This commercial makes me laugh!

Clergy For Choice?


Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter to everyone!

He is truly risen. Jesus' resurrection changes everything. His resurrection is not a nice story to tell children but a real event that changed the course of history.

Jesus came in the flesh, died in the flesh and rose in the flesh. He redeems us. We have nothing to fear.

 May we continue to walk with courage into His life this Easter season.

The Hunger Games

I just saw the Hunger Games today. It's a very interesting but horrifying social commentary.

Here is Fr. Barron's take on it:

Rock On, Lila Rose!

Check out her article on Battle hymn of the anti-abortion feminist.

President Obama's 'Warning' to the Supreme Court

A Hopeful Holy Week...

A friend of mine and I were talking a few weeks ago about how easy it is to become discouraged when looking at the world and seeing all that is wrong within it. We see so much brokenness and corruption, sin and sorrow. And perhaps the temptation creeps into our thoughts, "why even bother?"

This week gives us the answer. The same struggles we see today in the world are of the same root that have been present in the heart of man since after the Fall. It has been such and while we still live in this imperfect world, it will be such. We will always struggle against our imperfection and the imperfection of the world. But we are not alone.

The answer to the question of, "why even bother?" is Jesus. His life and death for us reveals a deep mystery of love. He bothered, you know? How many people live their lives without caring about God or the larger mystery in which we live, but God never stops loving. His love is not dependent upon our behavior. His love just is. His love…