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I have been listening to some talks that our Superior Sr. Anne Marie Walsh gave, along with another woman Dr. Clare Ten Eyck, at a retreat for women, on the topic of women. They spoke of many important and profound points but perhaps i could highlight a few of them from time to time. I think you might find them relevant, true and liberating.

One of the first things Sr. Anne talked about was the fact that women and men are different ("big deal" you may say). As obvious as this sounds, we live in a world that tries to meld the two sexes together until neither is perceived as too different and the gifts that are unique to each sex are over looked.

She mentioned that women especially are damaged by what society sells us. She talks about how contraception, a very deep disturbance in womanhood today, attacks the natural processes of the body that have to do with reproduction, giving life. Aside from the moral implications of contraception, they are also a health hazard. Sterilizatio…

New trip for the Holy Father??

something to think about......

although i don't entirely agree with everything in this article, i thought it was interesting that MSNBC would pick it up. check it out!

i haven't posted in a while, things have been busy here. We had Fr. Santan Pinto, one of our awesome SOLT priests, visiting and giving the parish a Lenten Recollection. It was great to have him, if you don't know him, check out his website here.
if he is in your area any time soon, go hear him speak, it will amaze and edify you, he is really great.

Lent is going by quickly! don't forget to make it to Confession before the end, Jesus gives graces during this time that he doesn't give the rest of the year! so, go! you won't regret it and you'll be amazed at what happens to you interiorly!

Ciao! :)

Your Inherent goodness

The further we journey into Lent, the more this particular thought has come to me, that we are inherently good. You may think this is nothing earth-shattering or perhaps to you it is obvious but then how come we don't relate to each other or even ourselves by our inherent goodness?

It seems that so often we relate to each other either by 1)reaction 2)judgement or 3)according to the faults of one another. Not all the time, mind you, but often. How often have you put someone in a box and said, "oh, that person, she's just......". Or when someone is unkind to you or is upset with you, do you find yourself just reacting and taking a self-defensive stance?

I mention this because it is common. It common because we suffer from original sin and are all wounded. I see this within myself. But when I look at Christ, I see that He doesn't behave in this way.

One of the reasons why we judge other people is because we can't see into their hearts. All we do is look at someone&…

this is awesome!

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You aren't an end in yourself....

How is your Lenten journey so far?What are you finding that is the most difficult? If you have fallen in your resolutions, get up and try again. Don't give up. Remember that Jesus fell three times on the way to Calvary and didn't bemoan His stumble. He got back up and finished the job that the Father had asked. So, you do the same as well. If you fall, no problem, just get up and talk to Jesus about it. Maybe you need to take yourself to Confession. Whatever it is, don't stop along the journey. Keep going.

Something has occurred to me lately. So, we know that man is the crowning glory of all creation. Jesus created in ascending order, so He began with day and night, water, stars, trees, animals, etc. and then man. Man is the only creation that was created for God alone. Everything else in creation was created for man to have dominion over and tend. Man is not supposed to live in slavery to creation, he is to master it and have dominion over it.

So that means that we were cr…

True Beauty

So we were doing our Spiritual Exercise this morning and the topic was "gifts." One of the sentences for mediation (put together by our founder) said this, "Virtue purifies us from the ugliness and disorder of sin, bringing beauty, strength and joy."

Hmmmmm.......let's ponder that for a moment. The true ugliness, the worst thing in the world, is sin. Most people think death and suffering is the worst thing the world, but that can actually be the best thing in the world. Sin makes things ugly.

I saw this great ad in a magazine that was acutally for a drug for liver disease or something but it showed a close up is this guy with his face all bruised up and scratched, looking like he just had the tar beat out of him, and the caption read something like this 'if liver disease were attacking your face, you'd do something about it.' Good point.

If our sin was attacking our face, we'd do something about it...

The sneaky thing about sin is that it attack…

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Some of our kids

I want to post some photos of our kids here at the parish school. They are a great blessing to us all.