Random New Year Thoughts....

God bless you all! Happy New Year to you. Praying that you had a holy, happy and joy-filled Christmas. It seems that the world has forgotten Christmas already, even though we still have a couple of days of the actual season left. I was at the mall not too long ago and I noticed that stores were already putting their Valentine decorations, cards and chocolates out so people could spend some more money. lol! It seems that the world moves on so fast. Tragedy is forgotten, happiness is forgotten, technology cruises on at a blistering pace and it just seems that the media is always saying, "NEXT"!

No wonder people, especially the lowly, are forgotten and neglected. The young, the sick, the aged and others are pushed to the side in search of the next big thing, the next excitement, the next fleeting image of health and beauty.

Have you ever noticed some of the weather reports? It came to me one day as I listening to the weather that people never seem quite content. When there is no rain, they make a big deal that there might be a draught and that we really need rain. When it does rain, they complain that the weather is not nice and sunny. Hmm....well, you know the old addage, "Too much sun makes a desert." But many people live their lives in this state: the state of perpetual complaint.

There is a time and a reason for everything. The things that happen to us, the people we come into contact with, the day to day experiences that we have; they are all providential. God is always trying to speak to us. Things that seem so bad from our point of view have deep blessings hidden within them. God always makes something beautiful out of sorrow, if we let Him.

New Year's resolutions are a good thing, but if you really want to see your year and life take off, dedicate 2006 to Our Blessed Mother. Just give her this year and see what she does. You will be surprised at how she will take care of you and lead you to her Son. And it never hurts to add more kindness to your day. Just a smile or kind word or warm glance at someone can bring Christ into your day more and more. We forget how kind He is to us.

Don't you think this world could use a bit more kindness and attention to the individual person?

I do

Speaking of kindness, i had to add this link about Hunter Simpson. I hope it still works. This article touched me deeply, say a prayer for him, and ask him to say a prayer for you-


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