God's mysterious ways....

I don't know if you have ever had this experience, I hope that you have, of God sending someone to you to make up for the unkindness of someone else in the past.

I really had that experience this past weekend and I was so grateful to God for that. A lot of time people, out of their own woundedness, hurt others and never realize the impact of that pain on the person to whom they have inflicted it. You see this a lot in adults, who can still recall the pain of an experience they had in the 5th grade. And so we walk around like this until we are willing to open our hearts to the healing power of God. Until we are willing to look into our hearts and speak of these painful moments, they lie within our spirit, often barely concealed, but always stealing away our joy, love and compassion for others.

God works overtime to show us His love. He really does want us to be happy and so He always seeks to reveal the truth to us because He knows it's then that we will be happy and free.

So God sends these people into my life this past weekend, at a volleyball coaches clinic of all places, and after pondering it deeply, I realize that He is working to make up for what others have done. These coaches that I met opened my eyes to new ways of seeing things and thinking of things but also to a new way of related to athletes. I really like sports but at times I had coaches that, instead of enouraging me to reach for my highest potential and assisting me along the way, would often discourage me, focus on all of my weaknesses and bring me to question myself in relation to the sport. It certainly was disheartening.

However, after being around these different coaches this past weekend, I realized once again that there are coaches out there who care for their athletes and push them to be the best athletes they can be, but more importantly, push them to become better people.

I was just thanking God for that, for that experience of kindness. Have you ever had that happen? Thank God for that. These are just little glimpses of how much God cares for us and how initimately He knows us.

Thanks God!


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