Tales from the City...

My days in New Mexico are over. It was a very blessed time. Bosque is a very special place, it is peaceful and healing. I learned a lot there over the summer. It is a good thing to get away for a while and spend time in quiet. Although everywhere one goes, distractions are always present. This is not so much because a place is noisy or busy, but because the distractions dwell within our hearts. It is surprising what we find when we look within. Often, lately, I have been thinking of how far we live below our potential. There is more to life than we care to imagine.

Here are some pics of the scenery at our mission in New Mexico.


Anonymous said…
Lived in New Mexico for some time, it really is this beautiful.
Chilaza said…
I found your simple statements regarding life's distractions to be profound and timely in my life. Thank you for sharing your inner world with unknown friends.

From an accidental-providential, internet-surfing, visitor.
Peace to you.
Zeph. 3:17

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