Fr. Ogie Part II

Part II of an excerpt from Fr. Ogie's day of Recollection talk:

" Life and love co-exist, these are two inseparable realities. Out of His love comes our life, our God lives and loves. Love is giving and receiving. There is often a lack of definition of love- people confuse love with attraction, possession or using. But love is giving and receiving.

Jesus' life-giving act is an act of perfect love. Jesus reunites us with God through His love and through God's love we receive life and become reunited with God once again.

To be united we must give. The opposite of love is selfishness, where we don't give but keep on asking.

How do we have life to its fullness? By living and loving. We can keep on "doing" because we love. Love must be our motivation to keep on living and living is our motivation to love. It is here that we find happiness, in spite of pain and struggles we still find fulfillment.

This is what God wants by His grace, that we become fully alive. The disciples said, "Were not our hearts burning...?" We can't live a life of love alone, it requires communion and in that we see the importance of community. In our community we grow in living and loving. We find here the meaning of life. We grow when we come to know ourselves as God knows us..."

more to follow


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