Haiti Relief

Many of you know that our SOLT Community has a mission in Haiti. As we watch the suffering of the Haitian people, there have been a lot of requests on how to give. Posted below is a message from a representative of the SOLT Haitian Mission:

Folks are asking where to send immediate earthquake relief donations and Fr. Glenn Meaux is directing us to Cross International Catholic Relief. This is an agency that tremendously supports the SOLT Haiti Mission, Kobonal as well as Missionary Programs all over Haiti. They can get desperately needed supplies to all parts of the country, including the areas hardest hit by the quake and they will also be able to assist Fr. Glenn's Mission in Kobonal when the expected food and fuel shortages hit them.

Please go to www.crosscatholic.org/relief or call 800-391-8545. If you want your donation to go to immediate earthquake relief where needed, indicate that in the comment section; if you want your donation to go directly to the SOLT Haiti Mission for assistance there, write "to be used for Kobonal Mission" in the comment section. Thank you all for your concern and charity.

Thank you very much for your kind support.


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