Read The Fine Print

This commercial really got me. I saw it one day and read the fine print on the bottom of the screen as the commercial was playing.

This commercial is promoting some sort of botox-like injection that promises younger looking skin.


So, it opens with some photos of beautiful women and on the bottom of the screen it says "not actual users"

and as the narrator speaks about the product not being a quick fix, the words on the bottom of the screen say, "for the correction of smile lines and facial wrinkles as a treatment consisting of up to four injections"

The entire commercial only shows one actual user, and the disclaimer on the bottom of the screen reads, "treatment outside the smile lines has not been studied, should not be injected around eyes or lips"

then the commercial goes back to showing fabulous beautiful women and the small print reads, "individual results may vary, not actual users"

eek! then after one of the versions of the commercial ends (not the one posted below), the last 30 seconds feature all the potential side effects and intended product use.

Yikes. I just find the whole thing irksome. I am most certainly for women taking care of themselves and being beautiful in body and soul, but has it really come to this? Can we really not accept ourselves as we are?

It's difficult, I know. I just think we should be discerning in what messages we allow into our hearts and minds and we certainly shouldn't swallow anything whole, we have to read the fine print.


Baron Korf said…
Haha. It never ceases to amuse me that this stuff is considered normal but people say Catholics are crazy for our fasts and other mortifications.

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