The Art Of Manliness....

I LOVE this website about the art of manliness. It's fantastic. Hope you all find it great as well.


Jeffrey said…
It's ironic--for me, anyway--that you'd post this link today. Just yesterday, while doing a Google search for something completely unrelated--a link took me to that very site! I'd never heard of it before and didn't pay it much attention once I did get there because the information I was searching for wasn't there. Now maybe I should go back and have a look since it's come up twice in two days? Some say there's no such thing as coincidence . . . :)
Rick said…
I have listened to you speak. You have a great understanding, wonderful thoughts, and an effective delivery. I investigated this website because I thought that you would have good judgement.

Are you sure that you love this website? Archetypes of the "Mature Masculine derived from Freud and Jung??? The "Economics of Happiness"??
Rick, thanks for your thoughts. I do love the concept of the site and it seems like it has a lot of good stuff on it but, like with many things in life, not every single thing may be the helpful. That's where we get to use our gift of discernment :)
Roch Michael said…
love this site!! sooo good.

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