Ricky Martin Wants A Daughter...

Latin Popstar Ricky Martin said recently that he would like to welcome a daughter to his growing family. Sounds great, right? Wait one second- read the story within the context he speaks (from people.com):

Ricky Martin says he'd like to add a daughter to his family – which already includes 3-year-old twin sons Matteo and Valentino – but that, contrary to reports that surfaced over the weekend, the openly gay star has no plans to marry boyfriend Carlos GonzĂ©lez Abella on Jan. 28. Or any time soon. 

In 2008, Ricky had twin sons via surrogate mother and is now seemingly wanting more children...to bring into an unstable environment with men who have homosexual appetites.

I don't get this. Since when did children become a right of personal creation? Because someone wants children, do they have a right to create them by any means possible?

When I hear stuff like this, it makes me want to grab people by the lapels of their Dolce and Gabbana suits and plead with them, "YOU CANT DO STUFF LIKE THIS!! STOP IT!!"

But the problem here is really on a much deeper level than a man who has sex with other men and who wants to create children outside the natural order (let's be honest, that's what really is going on, the media usually presents a "sanitized" version of same-sex relationships).

I had the deep joy of attending a 30 hour intensive course last week taught by Dr. Janet Smith on the topic of John Paul II's book Love and Responsibility. She is easily one of the most learned, wise and down to earth people I have ever met. Her course was outstanding.

As she was speaking very thoughtfully and honestly about same-sex attraction and healing, she said something very true and profound. Dr. Smith said, "the problem really isn't with gay activists, per se, the problem, first and foremost, is with heterosexual people whose sexual appetites are out of control."

Very. Well. Said. She went on to say, "we are all disordered in our sexuality and we all need healing- it's just a matter of how wounded we are."

So, in general society- if people are using contraception and having abortions, if they are creating children via IVF and are routinely unfaithful in their marriage vows, what ground is there to stand on to say that homosexual appetites are disordered? If married couples are cutting themselves off from the fullness of the marital act and rendering their fertility sterile, it's not such a jump to accept homosexual acts as "normal."

The whole thing is disordered and we must strive for integration and healing. Just because we want to do something or feel strongly about something, doesn't mean that it is true or right. We must always hold up our thoughts and actions to the light of Truth and live according to the Truth.

Anything less than truthful living will leave us unhappy, barren and restless.


R.E. Johnson said…
Yeah,that's true (that everyone in our society has a disordered sexuality).

When same sex parenting is concerned, the same question is often brought up: wouldn't it be better for a child to go with a loving same sex couple than an abusive/broken and straight household? The answer is, it is better to not have broken homes, but since we fail so miserably on the whole holy marriage thing, it's no wonder that people cover their ears and keep seeking their own pleasure.
indianist said…
Who is a surrogate mother?. Can any one provide me detail pls...
A surrogate mother is a woman who lends her womb for the implantation of an embryo via IVF

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