Planned Parenthood's Latest Propaganda

Lord, have mercy. Check out this article about Planned Parenthood's latest condom propaganda.

Suffice it to say that their slogan is "sex that safe should be shared"

Sex with condoms IS NOT SAFE. Give me a break, Planned Parenthood!!! Stop insulting the young American public.


Anonymous said…
That is gross!!!
Rochelle said…
Disgusting propaganda from a disgusting organization!
Rochelle said…
Planned Parenthood? Sounds more like Planned Promiscuity!
Amy said…
"We wanted to put some fun into making responsible decisions." RESPONSIBLE?????
Anonymous said…
Hello Sister,
We are having a youth retreat at St. Mary of the Valley parish in Monroe on June 16. We would like to know if you are available to speak at this event?

Pan de Vida Hispanic Prayer Group
Maria Jacobo
Hello Maria, thank you very much for stopping by the blog and for your invitation. Unfortunately my schedule is already full for the month of June.

I do hope you can find someone to come and speak at the retreat.

You might consider Kristine Mauss- her info can be found at her website-

God bless you!

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