Summer Dreams...

Hope you all are enjoying the summertime and finding some enjoyment in the warm days and the beautiful nights.

I think there is something about summertime that has the potential to bring out the kid in all of us. Whether its the warmer weather or the vacation time or more extensive "playtime", summer can be very magical.

As we get older and inherit more responsibilities, it's easy to forget what brings joy in our lives. It seems to me that the answer can be hidden in the desires of our heart, in the young places of our heart.

My mom was just telling me the other day about a study wherein doctors gave older patients relics from their childhood. They gave the patients similar clothes to what they had when they were young, had them watch favorite TV shows from their youth and play games from their childhood. The result? It took years off the hearts of the patients and much joy flooded forth.

What brought you joy as a child? What were some of your happiest times and memories? What was something you really looked forward to as a young person? These things are not lost, they are deep in our hearts. I found out that I am happiest in my running shoes and love getting lost in a good book. These things bring me great joy.

Summertime can be a great time to remember our favorite things and reclaim the beauty within our hearts.


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