Republican Women for Obama?

This new anti-Romney ad is so full of lies, I need my barfing emoticon. We as women need to study the issues of what it really means to be "pro-woman". We are so misled.


Billy Jack said…
A real good antidote to this silliness is the interview of HELEN ALVARE by Raymond Arroyo on the World Over Live on 8-16-12. She appears in the 28th minute of this youtube video: Enjoy... its a very insightful and intelligent breakdown of the new so-called war being waged over "women's bodies" in the current political arena. You will get hope from it.
James said…
Hi Sister, hope you are doing well. I'm not sure where to post a new comment, so I'll leave it here. I was watching TLOTR today and remembered you incorporating this scene into one of your workshops at the Bellevue Youth Convention a few years back. Could you write a post about your thoughts on this scene please? That would be very appreciated. Thanks and take care! God bless you and your ministry work.

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