While You Were Sleeping....

I heard this song this morning and found this video that was made a couple of years ago. Obviously it is still as true today as it was then, even more so.

How often in our "slumber" we forget why we are here and that the greatest gift God has bestowed upon the world is life. He is the Lord of Life. It's easy to get distracted and forget, all the while getting sucked into secular thought that bears death, not life.

This is a very perceptive song by Casting Crowns. I love how through everything the human person faces, generation after generation, God is always faithful and true. He never gives up on us and He never leaves us. He gives His people freedom to choose. He is the author and finisher of life.

On this Thanksgiving day, may we spend time in thanksgiving and praise to God, the Father of all. We don't thank Him just because things go our way or because we get what we want. We thank Him and praise Him for who He is, in His fidelity and love. May we open our hearts to the truth of who He is and who we are. May we awake, arise and praise the One who loves us eternally.


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