I Wish This Moment Would Never End...

Carlsbad Flower Fields Ranunculus Buttercup FlowerPerhaps all of us have had brief moments of time when everything seems so perfect and wonderful and we say to ourselves, "I wish this moment would never end." For a short time, everything else fades way. There are no arguments or war. There is no violence, strife or heartbreak. All seems right with the world and those moments captivate us and make our hearts long for eternal peace, love and joy.

I really feel like these moments are small glimpses into Heaven, where perfect love and fulfillment of desire and joy will never end. Everything will be right in Heaven. There is no disorder or tyranny. No hunger or oppression. Everything will be revealed and we will live with our Beloved forever.

Today I had one of those moments. The sun was out and the morning was kissed with warmth and freshness. The birds were flying in the sky and the trees were gently swaying while the puffy clouds floated by in the heavens. It was so peaceful and perfect and it made my heart long for eternity. In spite of all the trouble in the world and the struggles in my own heart, all seemed perfect.

Jesus, I thank you for these simple forshadowings of your deep love for us. Thank you for these moments that set our hearts soaring and allow us to dream and breathe and rest. May all of us turn to you ever more deeply every day of our lives. May we accept your grace and come home to you in the love that never ends...


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