My one beef.........

Okay, so I don't use this forum to complain but I just have a little beef with a big corporation named, "Circuit City." Well, it's a huge beef, a beef so big that I promise I'll NEVER step foot in that store again. Read on......

-let the buyer beware.

So there I was, my minding my own business, as I usually am when these things happen, ;) last summer at the mighty store of Circuit City. I was buying a small electronic from them when the salesperson asked me if I wanted to buy an extra "protection plan" from them that would enable me to "bring my electronic back to the store should anything go wrong with it " and (here's the kicker) the salesman promised that, "at the end of 2 years, I could bring my non-defective electronic back to Circuit City and they would upgrade it for free." Wow, sounded like a good deal! too good to be true..........ahh..... So I paid the extra money (which didn't come cheap) for the "protection plan."

Well, friends, sad to say that when I called the company to inquire about these two features of their protection plan, they informed me that I had been lied to. WHAT??? I couldn't believe it. They mentioned that perhaps there had been a "miscommunication" between myself and the salesman. I assured the them that I had not misunderstood anything and that I only bought their protection plan because of the promise the salesman made me of being able to upgrade my electronic for free.

After speaking to three different people, and having wasted money, what did Circuit City do to make up for their truth-challenged employee? Absolutely nothing. They "were sorry that this happened to me, but there was nothing they could do about it." and that I should "be assured that they filed a complaint about it." Come on, people.

Granted, they don't know me and I could be some random person that was making up this claim to get something for free out of Circuit City but I still had my receipt and everything, I still have the original box for the electronic and all that. I understand they would be leary of just sending me a new product but they didn't offer to do anything else about it. And that's wrong. Circuit City makes millions of dollars every year, what's a few dollars to them? What about the customer? I know I am not a big spender at their store, but I am a customer and the purchases I have at made at the store have been very big for me.

So before you jump into the extra "protection plan" read it first. Because even if your purchase is defective and it's after 30 days or so, you can't bring it back to the store anyway, you have to send it in to the company and they will review whether they'll replace your product or not. So it's not a given. Be careful.

I am saying a few extra prayers for that salesman, it's too bad that he felt he had to lie in order to make a sale, and lie to a nun, at that.

God bless him.


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