This rocks. I love it when the Holy Father reminds us about the truth! He says, "The truth of Love cannot be silenced because it is the very essence of God." So often we forget that God IS love, that's who God is, not like love or just loving but that He is TRUE love- the love that lays himself down so we could be free. I guess we just don't think about that enough and allow that love to penetrate to our very beings. We don't let God love us enough because if we did, we'd turn away from sin. Love is what truly changes people. Not coersion or intimidation, but it is love that truly changes a person. Our Superior, Sr. Anne, was telling us a story about a time when she and some other people were having a meeting. One person said, "How do we get a woman to change?" To which Sr. Anne responded, "Get her to fall in love!"

How true that is. We see promoted by society is not true love, it's not even love in most instances, but a cheap imitation. And we deserve more than imitations, we deserve the real thing.


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