God's Creation

We did something really cool the other day. We had a guest visiting us and so we went downtown to visit the Science Center. They had all sorts of interesting exhibits there but the one that struck me the most was the Tropical Butterfly Room.

It was a room with two sets of doors that was kept at about 85 degrees and contained all sort of tropical plants and flowers. Among the flowers, tropical butterflies fluttered about all over the room from ceiling to floor. It was absolutely breathtaking.

I watched as butterflies gracefully landed on the fragrant blossoms and delicately rested on the leaves. They were awash in colors of red, black, purple and more. So lovely, so peaceful.

The thing that really touched me was the fact that the guide said that the butterflies only live about two weeks. It occurred to me that only God would do something this extravagant. Only God would create these beautiful creatures that live such a short time and bring joy and delight.

I think if it was left up to us humans, we would be far more calculating. We would weigh the cost, the output, how useful the creatures would be, what we would get out of it, etc. but God isnt like that. He creates the sunsets in dazzling colors, creates animals we have not even discovered yet and simple butterflies that bring gentleness and glory. I love that.

Happy Sunday


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