A study in contrasts...

Hello out there, long time, no blog. Sorry! Hopefully this year I will be able to bring you some great articles and other links to enrich your faith and your life. Until then though, I will muse a bit ;)

I went for a walk today and saw an interesting site. I live here in the Land O' Coffee and Microsoft, affectionately known as Seattle. I am sure you are familiar with the political situation on the West Coast and people in Seattle are quite proud of being known as "progressive" and "eco-conscious." I am all for saving the environment and feeding the poor but I saw something today that really captured the misguided attitude that many people, and not just here, seem to have.

As I was passing a parked car, I noticed it was covered with bumper stickers that proclaimed the owner's opposition to war and violence. Some of them read, "I am already against the next war" and "Join the military, you get to visit foreign lands and kill people." etc. There were several other stickers like this one and I was about to move on when I noticed that right in the middle of all these stickers was a white one that read: "We won't go back; Keep abortion safe and legal."

I actually had to back up a few steps and read it again to make sure I was seeing things correctly.
Wow. Somewhere in the minds of people is a HUGE disconnect. Killing innocent people in foreign lands is considered outrageous but killing innocent children in the wombs of their mothers should be "kept safe and legal"? Whatever "safe" and "legal" means, that's just jargon.

I looked around to see if the owner was in site because I wanted to ask them to tell me about their stickers. I wanted to know how they could oppose one war and promote the most saddening crime of humanity. I really just don't get it.

All life is precious from conception to natural death.

We save the whales and the owls but not the people? It's time for a change, true enough. A change from living in darkness to the light of life.


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