Installation Mass of Archbishop J. Peter Sartain

Today, we received a new Shepherd of the Church in Seattle, WA. Archbishop J. Peter Sartain was officially installed during a beautiful two hour Mass at St. James Cathedral in downtown Seattle.

Within the cathedral it was standing room only as people watched and listened attentively to their new shepherd proclaim the word of God. As he officially accepted his new position and took his seat on the cathedra (the Bishop's chair) every person in the cathedral stood and applauded for nearly 5 minutes. It was a beautiful sight to behold. There was such joy within those walls today.

I am including a link to the Seattle Times article about the Mass, which features video portions of the celebration. 

(Please note as you read the article that is written for a secular audience so consider that accordingly)

Archbishop Sartain, you are in our prayers!!  :)


Bridget said…
Dear Sister Miriam,
Thank you for your post about the Archbishop's Installation!
It was such a grace filled moment for our Church... well worth the drive from Bellingham and the 3 hr. wait in the pews before the Mass!

You are in my prayers!
Thank you for all you do to spread the Good News!

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