Our Lady of Guadalupe

Happy Feast Day to our beautiful Mother and Patroness of the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

If you don't know much about the image of Our Lady or how it came to be, please READ about it here. 

It is no coincidence that in this time in history, when the skies are growing dark and truth is being challenged on ever increasing levels, that we have been given a Mother to protect us.

The name Guadalupe, as she referred to herself,  is a shrine in Spain but it also sounds very much like the phrase "she who crushes the serpent" in the native dialect of Juan Diego, the simple man whom Our Lady appeared to in 1531.

Sometimes people relegate this special love for Our Lady of Guadalupe as a Hispanic devotion, since she appeared in Mexico but this not a geographical affection. Our Mother has been declared by two Popes as the Patroness of the Americas and she is very, very powerful.

There are so many amazing things within the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so many profound things. 

She is truly a Sign and Patroness, Mother and Defender of her children.

May this Woman, the most beautiful woman ever created, watch over us and pray for us. May Jesus, her Son, look with mercy upon us and grant us peace.


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