Arrogance and Ignorance Leave Bristol Palin Out

What is wrong with people? Bristol Palin was uninvited to speak on a university panel discussion about sexuality.

Why? because she promotes abstinence only.

Apparently an actress who is a member of (WHAT A SURPRISE!!) Planned Parenthood encouraged the students of Washington University in St. Louis to boycott Palin's invitation, should she herself decide to attend the panel. Beyond that arrogance, the actress, Kate Walsh, stooped to a low of saying, "what does she (Palin) know about college or abstaining?"

Not cool.

So the panel will include a medical doctor, someone from the Catholic Student Center (which is suspect if they don't want Palin to speak, what else would a true Catholic student speak about?) and *shocker* a representative from Planned Parenthood.

Bristol, rock on girl, continue to speak your truth. Your light will shine all the brighter in these dark times. I am praying for you.

Read the full story here...


Rosario said…
Thank you for sharing this post. And thank you for sharing your story with the radio listeners. I'm a stay home mom living in California. I have a daughter and I often ask her if she wants to be a nun, her anwer is always no. But only God knows what will happen in the future.

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