Sr. Miriam's Conversion Story on You Tube

any of you have asked to hear the full story of the gift of God's mercy in my life.

Here is a video version from a talk I gave in August of 2010, I am working on the video quality, so it might qualify better as a audio version at this time!

Part 1

Part 2- the audio and video timing is a little off in this clip, sorry- you may just want to listen to it rather than watch-


Claire said…
Very inspiring, thank you! Do you have your other talks you mentioned from Faith on Fire on video or audio? It would be great to hear them.

God bless
Anonymous said…
Wow, this is a really awesome talk Sister!! Thank-you tor posting!
Ferd said…
Dear Sister, we are so inspired by your talk. God's graces is truly infinite. We only just discovered TOB in the last 2 years and it has changed our lives too. As a Catholic couple in Singapore, we serve in the Marriage Prep Apostalate. We are truly grateful for your conversion story and we will share it with our engaged couples.

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