Happy Birthday, Mom

To the Woman who embraced and welcomed her destiny,
To the Woman who loves and is loved,
To the Woman who was so open and receptive that she literally conceived God in her womb,
To the Woman who was not afraid to suffer,
To the Woman who is All Beautiful,
To the Woman who receives sinners and clothes warriors,
To the Woman who defends the innocent and unwittingly humbles the arrogant,
To the Woman who protects life and radiates truth,
To the Woman who changed the world,
To the Queen of Peace:

Happy Birthday, Mother.

We love you.


Sueb said…
Love this birthday wish for our Blessed Mother. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Hello sister, I saw you on Life On The Rock and ever since then I have been reading your blog. I have cought up to the year 2011 and have read all of them.(I had lots to do this Summer.)Anyway I wanted to let you know that I think you are amazing and to thank you for living your life for Jesus. God bless.

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