Beyonce and Christ the King....

I love this particular song Halo by Beyonce. In her music video, she sings it to a man but perhaps in the depths of her heart she is singing it to Christ the King. For it is He whom we ultimately find so attractive and captivating. He is the Light and He breaks down the barriers of our hearts, He awakens us and surrounds us by his grace and his embrace. Truly breathtaking.....

Speaking of Beyonce, there is some of her music that I like very much and would like to post the videos here, but unfortunately, Beyonce seems to have bought into the lie that tells women that if we want to be considered attractive by the world, we must show nearly all our body has to offer.

This makes me very sad because Beyonce is obviously very talented and she is absolutely physically gorgeous- she has been given many great gifts from God. However, all of us have the choice to use our gifts to glorify God and bring true beauty to the world, or turn our gifts back on ourselves and bring glory and attention to us. It must be a tough climate she is in. Hopefully one day, she will use her body as a gift to glorify God. How awesome that would be.

Here is the song I mentioned, Halo. The lyrics and her voice are incredible!



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