My Heart's A Stereo and The Book of Proverbs

In the never-ending quest for all that is good, true and beautiful-- i found an echo of the natural law in the song "My Heart's A Stereo".

I love the lyrics-- especially the rap lyrics because what the guy is really saying is this: "will you love me even though I am not perfect and if I become inconvenient?" love it- because that's what we all long for, that's the deep desire of human love for human love is an echo of divine love.

I am not particularly a fan of Adam Levine who is featured singing the chorus, but i like the rest of the song. (my random thoughts continued below...)

This week's Sunday readings featured an excerpt from the Book of Proverbs about the characteristics of a worthy wife. This incredible book gives us some concrete examples and tools for living an authentic and happy life, and some solid advice to men on how to choose a good woman--

It speaks of a man who finds a worthy wife AND entrusting his heart to her (love that) finds a worthy prize or treasure.

Proverbs speaks about the woman who is a hard worker and serves with joy, a woman who fears the Lord and does what is right, a strong and noble woman, a woman who is truly beautiful.

The words also warn men that "charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting." A man looking for a good woman needs to look beyond her physical appearance and peer into her heart to see whether she is rightly ordered or not.

Any woman or man who is deeply disordered and not interested in allowing Christ to come and heal them and bring order to that disorder, will have a hard time in a marriage relationship.

Good to know-

Happy Monday :)


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