California to Ban Reparative Therapy?

Lawmakers in California are considering a ban on any kind of therapy on minors that seeks to help those with same-sex attraction repair their attractions and life-style. Read the article here

Talk about an attack on free speech and freedom of choice- This is crazy and if this law passes, it will be a disaster for millions of people. Can we not see what is going on here? a constriction of truth for those who suffer. Banning reparative therapy won't make guilt and shame go away. Affirming people in their wounds doesn't heal anything.

The bill's author, Ted Lieu (D) had this to say about the issue: attempts to pathologize and change people’s sexual orientation should be treated akin to smoking and drinking: harmful activities that adults can choose to participate in, but children cannot. “We let adults do all sorts of stupid and risky things, but we ban dangerous things for young people.”

These words do not even make sense. Why does he equate a healing therapy with being stupid and risky rather than homosexual sex being stupid and risky?

This is sad indeed.


Salon Boy said…
What an up hill battle! That thought popped into my head today as I was thinking about another issue in the church. It applies to problems at Catholic colleges also. Then I wondered if Jesus Christ himself at times thinks, "What an up hill battle". I do not know if he has that thought, but I do know that he is not quitting the fight. Thanks for posting this Sister.
Jimmy said…
Ah, my dear Sister! I cant claim to be as sure that Homosexuaity is a physical or psychological defect that can or should be 'repaired'. Or that the techniques have a scientific and medical foundation. It feels like we want to shame our children back into the closet. And bless their hearts they are almost sure to try their hardest to please us.

On the other hand, unless there is proof that the the techniques are harmful or abusive, I have difficulty justifying legal intervention on the parents.
Salon boy :)-- thanks for the post.

Jimmy, you raise an interesting and thoughtful point. Is same-sex attraction a defect that needs healing? and would stating the need for healing shame people? Good question.

Reparative therapy is not shame based. It's an acknowledgement of wounds and an openness to seek healing. Much like AA or SA is forum for acknowledging the truth and gives concrete steps for healing for those who want to, so is reparative therapy.

The sorrowful part of the ban in California is that it is seeking to obliterate an option for healing for those who seek one. The therapists that you do reparative therapy are rare anyway, most other counselors just affirm people in their wounds. This is catastrophic.

We must offer people a sensitive, compassionate path of truth that brings healing and restoration.

Desert Stream Ministries is one place that does such work.

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