Joe Biden is Gramatically Incorrect and President Obama Morally Washes Out...

Check out this interesting article about the recent announcements on the support of gay marriage by Joe Biden and President Obama. Then read this article about the timing of the announcement. Coincidence? I think not....


Sr. Mary Elizabeth said…
Sister Miriam, Peace of Christ! Thank you for your blog. It's always very inspiring.

See if you can guess where this quote comes from..."He seems to occupy a constant state of grace, and uses his extraordinary talents on behalf of something truly important."

Were you thinking it was President Obama's words about George Clooney from the fundraiser that raised $15 million for the President's campaign? Yeah, me either. "...constant state of grace." Something insidious is going on here...

But where sin abounds, grace abound all the more. Open wide the doors to Christ!

I just re-read the Holy Father's inaugural homily, and found the whole thing, but particularly the last paragraph, prophetic and inspiring:

God bless you Sister and Our Lady smile on you!
Sr. Mary Elizabeth, SOLT
God bless you, dear Sister. Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving your thoughts. The love-fest between President Obama and his buddies is absolutely ridiculous. Utter nonsense.

I agree that God will raise up great saints in this time.

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