"Dad, I Think He's Dead..."

Lol! Good one!


Billy Jack said…
Sister, whats your take on the CDF criticism of the LCWR and the media's reporting on it?
What is the CDF? I wrote a reflection on the call to reform the LCWR--you can check it out here-

Billy Jack said…
Thanks. CDF is Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. I read your piece on the Reformation of LCWR. Excellent. Although you wrote it two months ago, it pretty much anticipates all the issues that have been reported upon this last week or two in the mainstream media. I particuliarly enjoyed your description of your calling to a spiritual marriage with Christ. I remember many, many moons ago Sister Mary Evelyn telling us in her fourth grade class, that she was not a married lady like our mothers because she was married to Christ. I remember thinking, even then as an nine year old, that that seemed likely an oddly strong statement of devotion. Now, as a forty plus year old man who will be entering in the sacramental bond of marriage for the first time in the fall, I am beginning to appreciate somewhat, what Sister M.E. was talking about. Marriage is a freely chosen promise of devotion, obedience, humility and love, to be shared with another. In the same way I will turn my life over to God's love through my beloved Sue, you and Sister M.E. have done the same, explicitly through Christ. And yes it is an extreme choice, but I believe Christ makes clear in the Gospels that we are to be extremists for love.

And as far as the deviations that are being discussed in the LWCR, you are right on. You likened your relationship with the Church as a religious as to that of a man and a woman, with it expected share of ups and downs, joys and disappontments. I cracked a smile because I often think of my relationship to the Church as that between a parent and a child. I love my Dad and Mom, although I can truly tell you I am comfortable with and understanding of the things they say and do, ninety percent of time. The other ten percent of the time I am bewildered, confused, annoyed or sometimes, quite angry with them. This is due in large part to the fact that I am still learning, even in my early middle age to accept who they are, embrace their faults and walk in the much more well worn footsteps. Like the Church, in spite of their foilbles, I pledge undying obedience and service to them. I have to do this because I am humbled by the depth of their unexpressed and unrewarded love for me. Similarly, I must give my gratitude to Christ's body, the Church, with the same mixture of loyalty and mature detachment, to share in his unrivaled love for me.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Very well stated and articulated. I will be praying for your upcoming wedding in the Fall. Congratulations!
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