Cardinal Dolan's DNC Closing Prayer

The Diocese of Charlotte says that the major TV networks skipped the coverage of Cardinal Dolan's closing prayer at the Democratic National Convention. How convenient.

See it here-


Anonymous said…
Wow- just- wow! I hadn't seen this. Thank you!
Billy Jack said…
Watched it on youtube the next day, like most of the speeches the conventions. A lot can be said about both conventions (see speech by Clint Eastwood versus Scarlett Johansson/Kerry Washington), but Cardinal Dolan's benedictions were wonderful. His DNC prayer seemed more in your face Pro-Life than the Republican one. Bravo! But it was weird how long the camera lingered on Democrats in deep, deep prayer, like the directors were trying to make the point to all who thought otherwise, that Dems pray too. A cynic would say this was a whitewash job, to alleviate the controversy which surrounded the word "God" being left out of the platform. I like to be an optimist and say the controversy and the backlash taught those recalcitrant Democrats that America doesn't like it's leaders or their politics to be divorced completely from the High Power, and they better get down to some serious praying if they plan to win something in November.

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