Long Time No Blog....

Ah, much time has passed since the last blog. Sorry!! This has been a busy year but as the school year starts again, it's time for changes and new ideas. (and a new blog format) yea!

Been thinking a lot about suffering lately. One of my friends shared with me a quote from their favorite Saint. When this particular Saint was suffering greatly, she said to Jesus, "How could You say you loved me if you never shared your suffering with me?"

Isn't that so true. All of us have many friends who share our good times and joys with us. But I am guessing that most of us can count on one hand the friends we have in our lives with whom we have shared our deepest sufferings. It takes a special person to bear that kind of pain and intimacy. So it is with Jesus. How many of us really want to share everything with Jesus. We say we do, but do we really mean it? I ask myself this a lot.

And yes, the good times bind us with each other but when we share our deepest sufferings with another, there is a deep intimacy that takes place. Jesus shares our deepest sorrows and sufferings. He is no stranger to them. Shall we be strangers to Him?


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