Rafael Nadal

The No. 1 tennis player on the face of the earth, Rafael Nadal, (and he earns fab bonus points for being left-handed, :) ) triumphed in the US Open today to win the final, which, because of weather, took 2 days to complete.

To some it seems trite but to me, I love watching great athletes. I don't know much about tennis or soccer but watching great tournaments like the US Open or the World Cup is an amazing testament to perseverance, endurance and triumph.

It often surprises me how, when I am having a difficult time enduring something in my life now, my mind will drift back to the days in college, pushing it out on the volleyball court.

There were times during those hot, demanding and arduous days in the gym where I didn't think I was going to make it. My muscles were fatiguing, I was getting blocked by my opponents and I was exhausted on every level. Yet, I knew there was no giving up.

Giving up was not an option. So you push through it, make it through and you become stronger on every level. You become stronger going through the suffering.

I am grateful for those days, those lessons I learned and for the lessons I learn today every time I keep going when I think I just cant make it another step.

There is a 12 Step quote that says: "don't give up 15 minutes before the miracle."

Keep going. Keep fighting the good fight.

(Go lefties!)


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