Debussy's Arabesque #1

Tonight is a full moon :) and I posted some time ago a work by Claude Debussy entitled "Clare de Lune" but tonight i post another of Debussy's works "Arabesque #1"

Its such a beautiful piece, one of his earlier works, written while he was still in his 20s. It's amazing how talented people usually suffer with some deep struggle. Wikipedia states that "Debussy was often depressed and unable to compose, but he was inspired by Franz Liszt, whose command of the keyboard he found admirable."

Beauty often resurrects from darkness. I hope you enjoy this piece.

A blessed solemnity of Christ the King to all of you. May Jesus truly be the King of our hearts and the Divine Lover of our souls.


Maria said…
I love this song! I learned to play it on the piano, but of course I can never do it justice. I love to play it anyway. It sounds like the Holy Spirit swirling around a soul...hmm... does that make sense?

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