What Should I Do?

Perhaps this the perennial question we face during many phases of our life- the question of "What should I do?" What is life about anyway? Should we live our lives to please others? Should we be who others want us to be? Should we listen to our friends? the media?

Or shall we follow our destiny and become the people we were born to be by allowing God to reveal Himself and our destiny to us? Who knows best? our little finite selves or the infinite, beautiful creator of the universe?

Tomorrow in the Gospel at daily Mass, we see Jesus weeping over Jerusalem. As He looks out over Jerusalem, knowing it will be the place of His death and the ultimate betrayal by some of His closest friends, He weeps. Jesus knows that peace is not found in self-righteousness and power, He knows that peace is found in surrender to God and the turning away from sin.

But even as He looks over the city, He does not curse the city, He longs to heal it.

He sees us in the same way. Jesus longs to heal us. He knows what will bring us peace.

So, what should we do?

Here is Lebron James' take on the matter of the choices he has made in his life.


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