Interview with Lila Rose

Lila Rose was interviewed Thursday on the Glenn Beck radio show, speaking about the recent videotapes released revealing more facts that Planned Parenthood is not a defender or protector of women and children.

See and read the interview here

Sometimes I think we forget that abortion is about people. Real people- like this little one pictured here. People speak of abortion is if it's a political issue or "conservative" issue or religious issue- but what it really is is a human issue about real people.

Every year in America, over 1 million people are "legally" aborted. The actual number is most likely far higher but we know that at least one million people are "legally" killed every year. These completely innocent people are denied their right to life- to live and breathe, to be free and to thrive.

Real people. Gone. God will not recycle them or reincarnate them. This is a tremendous loss to every single one of us.

We must know and live the truth and then pray for the courage to always speak the truth in love.


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