Bishop Fulton Sheen on Beauty.....

In light of the earlier post on fashion models and what the world considers beautiful.....

From the book, "The Quotable Fulton Sheen"--

"Beauty without virtue is like a fair flower that has an offensive odor. But true beauty bathes in that light without which nothing is beautiful. Beauty is a gift of God, like the rain. He allows the rain to fall upon the just and the wicked, and He gives beauty not only to the good, but even to the wicked. Wicked beauty strikes the eye, but the inner beauty of grace wins the soul."


Anonymous said…
Sr. Miriam,

Love your blog, keep up the great work; saw that you are a lover a good music...don't know if you've heard the newest from Pearl Jam titled, "Just Breathe", it's pretty incerdible, here is the link to their PBS performance via Austin City Limits, ENJOY!
Unknown said…
Sr. Miriam,

Saw you on EWTN and thought you were great! I remember you quoting Bishop Sheen, about beauty radiating from within. Yea, hopefully Bishop Sheen will be canonized in our lifetime. He's such a blessing in many of our lives.

Keep up the good work sister. We're praying for you.

God bless.
The song by Pearl Jam is indeed beautiful! I posted it last year here!

thanks for reading and for your support! :)
J said…
Thank you Sister Miriam for everything!!! It was awesome having you speak at my church yesterday! I hope to see you again! You had such a great talk about Theology of the Body! Thanks again for everything including even answering my questions about how you got into radio, etc and using your voice, etc for good which is something I would love to do one day!!! :) ;) I hope you come back to Canada at St. Ann's really soon! :D



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