Bruno Mars is 'Locked Out of Heaven'...Perhaps Because of the 'Young, Wild Girls'?

The young singing sensation Bruno Mars is blazing up the charts with his new hit "Locked Out of Heaven." Why is this song popular?

It's a rather crude but catchy tune about the desire to go out of oneself and enter into ecstatic union with another through the marital union.

If you look closely at the lyrics, Bruno almost imitates the Song of Songs as he sings about becoming one with a woman in a deep way; asking her to "open the gates" so he "can see the light." Deep stuff for a Top 40 song. He sings that her love "could make a sinner change his ways."

Of course, it becomes distorted and crude because he isn't singing about a marital union in a covenant relationship but more likely through a carnal union with whomever is available. Yet, the longing is there in his heart for something more.

It seems to fit with another up and coming tune of his in which he sings about a desire for a wife and exclusive union but that he cant seem to shake the immediate gratification of the young women who surround him. The song is called "Young, Wild Girls" and its a sad ballad about the desire and struggle to break free. He knows that even though they "will be the death" of him, he can't seem to break away from temptation.

Herein lies the enigma of desire and chastity. The marital union is called to be an earthly sign of the deep intimate union with which God loves us. The marital union isn't just some random act that people engage in- it is deep with spiritual, physical and emotional meaning. It means something profound. It's a reflection of something more than this world can offer.

God's love for us eternal, exclusive and life-giving. It doesn't fade when things get tough and it doesn't waver even when we are unfaithful. We all long for this kind of love because that's what we are made for. We desire this kind of union.

It will never be attained, though, through means that are sinful and out of order. The kind of union that Bruno is singing about will only leave a person thirsty and dissatisfied. The kind of union Bruno is longing for is lasting and eternal. He was made for that.

Pop culture is often popular for a reason. So often in a distorted way pop culture reveals the deepest longings of the human heart. May God bless us all on our journey toward Him and may He heal all our distorted desires and the ways we grasp at love. He wishes to come and fill us. May we be open to receive the love that truly satisfies.


Kristen said…
Sister Miriam. I'm a college age catholic student from southern Louisiana. I recently watched the documentary called "beware of christians". I was just wondering your thoughts on the film. It really made me think, so I was just curious of the Catholic viewpoint on this way of life.
Sincerely, Kristen D.

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