Planned Parenthood Wants To Be Believed...

ah, yes, the people who willingly murder children, cover up rape and work with sex traffickers now want us to believe that Mitt Romney will mislead the American people on the issue of abortion....*sigh*


Jimmy the Realist said…
I am still waiting for a reply from Governor Romney to an email I sent a couple of weeks ago.

It said that in spite of being a very progressive/liberal democrat I was willing to not only vote for him but campaign tirelessly to get him elected.


He would sign a pledge similar to the Grover Norquist tax pledge saying that he would veto any legislation that contained Pro-Choice elements AND promised to never nominate a candidate for the Supreme Court who would not sign a similar pledge to oppose any case that supported pro-choice elements.

We know that they would not. Which leaves us intentionally mislead on what a vote for conservative politicians will accomplish.

They will hurt the old and poor and sick without doing anything to protect Catholic values, women or the unborn.

And that is the Truth.

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