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Pope Benedict Speaks to Youth

I found this after I posted the previous message about Lee Yoon-hyung.

These are Pope Benedict's words to the youth

This makes me think about things

I know that so many people have cell phones. One of the biggest manufacturers of cell phones in the world is Samsung. Samsung makes many different kinds of electronics and does billions of dollars in business. So it was a shock to many when this news came to light

Please pray for the soul of Lee Yoon-hyung. This reminds us that life is not about money, fame and power. Most of what young people see on TV is that if you are pretty, wealthy and famous then you will be happy. However, the most famous people are often the most unhappy people.

May her soul rest in peace.

The Best Thing About Advent

So we are embarking upon a BRAND NEW liturgical season with brand new graces. This Advent is not the same as last Advent. God has new gifts to give and new graces to bestow.

One of the big gifts that God gives during this time is the gift of peace. He gives it in a special way during this time if we want to receive it. That's why Advent is a time of preparation, to get our hearts ready for the birth of Jesus. You wouldn't invite someone over to your house for dinner and then not clean your house and prepare it. So this time is a gift given to us by God to clean and prepare our souls for His coming.

One of the ways we can prepare is by going to Confession at least once during this time. When we make a good confession, it cleans, heals and restores us to the friendship of God. There is no better way to prepare than by making a good Confession and living in that grace.

So, I hope this Advent is one of peace, joy and quiet anticipation for the birth of Jesus within your heart.

See Pop…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is the day before Thanksgiving and people are making mad dashes to the aiport and to their cars to reach their destination before the 4 million other people trying to get somewhere as well, reach theirs.
We have so much to be thankful for. God showers down His blessings upon us in ways that we will not be aware of until we reach Heaven. Sometimes, in the midst of trials and tribulation, it is easy to forget all the ways that God tenderly cares for us. He even allows trials to make us into the masterpiece that He intended when He created us.
How can we not be thankful??
God bless you,
Have a happy, holy and thankful Thanksgiving!


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