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Sports Quandary...

Okay, so I just don't get it. I am not an attorney or anything but it seems to me that legal decisions don't always make sense and have little to do with justice or truth.

One NFL player drives drunk and hits and kills a pedestrian. He pays the family of the victim over 4 million dollars, is suspended from the NFL for 1 year and walks free from jail after serving only 24 days.

Another NFL player is convicted of running a dog fighting business and pays over 1 million dollars in damages, is suspended from the NFL for TWO years and is released from prison AFTER SERVING TWO YEARS for harming dogs.

Both of these are horrible crimes and we all make mistakes we regret but when is the loss of human life so reduced that killing a human being is seen as less of a crime than harming animals? I just don't get it.

Do you?

God's Creation

We did something really cool the other day. We had a guest visiting us and so we went downtown to visit the Science Center. They had all sorts of interesting exhibits there but the one that struck me the most was the Tropical Butterfly Room.

It was a room with two sets of doors that was kept at about 85 degrees and contained all sort of tropical plants and flowers. Among the flowers, tropical butterflies fluttered about all over the room from ceiling to floor. It was absolutely breathtaking.

I watched as butterflies gracefully landed on the fragrant blossoms and delicately rested on the leaves. They were awash in colors of red, black, purple and more. So lovely, so peaceful.

The thing that really touched me was the fact that the guide said that the butterflies only live about two weeks. It occurred to me that only God would do something this extravagant. Only God would create these beautiful creatures that live such a short time and bring joy and delight.

I think if it was left up to us h…

50th Anniversary Jubilee Hymn

Here's a nice clip of the 50th Anniversary Jubilee Hymn sung by one of our SOLT Priests Fr. Vlad

Youth on Fire...

Youth on Fire is a new webcast produced in part by young Catholics who are on fire for Christ. I met these young people last week as I was totally amazed at their level of faith, commitment and love. They totally rock and they inspired me so much. I love that they are bringing the Good News of Jesus to the youth over the internet.

Here is a link to a show they broadcast when they asked me to come on and share the call of God in my life but you can find out all about it (and way more interesting stuff!)

God bless you!

Conversion Clip

Here's a little clip on the conversion story of actor Eduardo Verastegui, in his own words. God bless him!

First Professions of Vows

Here is a beautiful clip of seven of our SOLT Sisters making their First Profession of Vows on July 13th in Corpus Christi, TX.

A study in contrasts...

Hello out there, long time, no blog. Sorry! Hopefully this year I will be able to bring you some great articles and other links to enrich your faith and your life. Until then though, I will muse a bit ;)

I went for a walk today and saw an interesting site. I live here in the Land O' Coffee and Microsoft, affectionately known as Seattle. I am sure you are familiar with the political situation on the West Coast and people in Seattle are quite proud of being known as "progressive" and "eco-conscious." I am all for saving the environment and feeding the poor but I saw something today that really captured the misguided attitude that many people, and not just here, seem to have.

As I was passing a parked car, I noticed it was covered with bumper stickers that proclaimed the owner's opposition to war and violence. Some of them read, "I am already against the next war" and "Join the military, you get to visit foreign lands and kill people." etc. T…

Year of the Priest

Welcome to this blessed year devoted to and in thanksgiving of the priesthood. We thank God for all priests, living and deceased, and the way they serve the people of God. May God shower His tender compassion upon them and bring them closer to His Divine Heart and the Immaculate Heart of His Mother Mary.

Reading Pope Benedict's Letter announcing the Year of the Priest here.