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"Christ Offers Everything"

Here is an account of the arrival of the Holy Father at World Youth Day in Sydney. The Holy Father speaks of how Christ offers everything, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life

It's so amazingly true and timely that the Holy Father speaks of these things. I am convinced more and more that the mercy of God is truly the answer to our problems, trials and struggles. It is only His mercy that heals and binds up all of our wounds, that forgives us our sins and allows us to forgive one another. It's the answer to bitterness, hurt, indifference and confusion. And it's freely offered. God IS love and mercy and as we are made in the image and likeness of Him, we too are called to be love and mercy in relationship with ourselves, those around us and to the entire world.

What a needed mission this is! Come Holy Spirit, Come and transform us, Come and renew the face of the earth!

More Inspiring Words from the Holy Father

This also is great address from the Way of the Cross at World Youth DayJesus Loves those who make mistakes
I love this part of it: "All through the Gospels, it was those who had taken wrong turnings who were particularly loved by Jesus, because once they recognized their mistake, they were all the more open to His healing message. ... It was those who were willing to rebuild their lives who were most ready to listen to Jesus and become His disciples."

Thank you

Thank you to all of you who prayed for Shannon, the niece of one of our friends. Shannon passed away a few days after being in a coma. We commend her soul to God and remember her family during in our prayers during this time. May God bless them and grant them His peace.

Awesome World Youth Day Address

Check out this GREAT address by the Holy Father to the youth at a prayer vigil during World Youth Day. This is TRULY the Good News and words the world desperately needs to hear.