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Thank God!

Have you stopped to thank God today? It's so easy to get caught up in our day to day lives and be swept up by the passing current of activity that we forget Who blesses us with every good thing.

One thing Fr. Emmerich Vogt, O.P. always mentions in his talks on the 12-steps is that God wills what is universally good but so often we don't really believe it. Or perhaps we believe it in theory but not in the reality of our lives and so therefore many of us live as practical atheists. And I think I have to agree.

It seems to me that if we really believed that God wills what is universally good, meaning that we are all included in that, then we couldn't help but be open to all the ways that God leads us, guides us and showers us with gifts. It's a mystery really, how we so often want to sit on the throne of our own lives and relegate God to the backseat when we all know what happens when we try to control everything and everyone around us- we experience utter frustration, rese…

Catholics Come Home...

If you or someone you know is Catholic but has left the faith or stopped coming to Mass, you might find this link very helpful-

This beautiful site contains not only testimonies of regular people and their journeys back to the Catholic Church but also video clips, questions and answers and more. It's excellent.

Check it out!!

Our Founder Fr. Jim

Here's a brief teaching by our Founder Fr. James Flanagan! Enjoy!