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Love Conquers All....

Check out this new SOLT Sisters Vocations video! May the love of Jesus touch all of us on a deep and transformative level. Think that maybe Jesus is calling YOU to be His bride? See our website:

Song of Solomon

A dear friend of mine sent me this song today and it touched me deeply so I thought I would share it with all of you.

I think the words utter some of the deepest desires of our heart, even if we'd rather not admit it. We long for Jesus to come and "find" us- that He would come running to hold us, save us and heal us.

The beautiful thing is that He does just that. I love Him!

The Challenge of Surrender...

Today we celebrate the amazing feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. As many of you know, Paul was raised as a devout Jew and in his zeal for his own faith, persecuted those following Christ. You can read his personal account here.

If anyone would have asked Paul (then Saul) whether he would be having a conversion anytime soon and then die for the faith he was previously killing people for believing in, I doubt he would have seen anything like that coming. His whole life and destiny changed in an instant. On the way to persecute more Christians, he becomes one. Fascinating.

It makes we wonder if the apostles were already praying for him by name, as they followed the example of Jesus to pray for those who were persecuting them. Maybe in their hearts they never thought it would happen and then, lo, one day Jesus Himself converts one of their biggest persecutors. We can never count out the grace of God, even when all seems dark. The light always overcomes the darkness. Paul surrendered an…

The March For Life

In honor of the March for Life today, I wanted to post this song- Once in Royal David's City. I know it's traditionally a Christmas song but it's so beautiful (especially this arrangement) and speaks to the greatness found in the little Child.

Every child is a gift from God and a deep delight to His heart. Although we as adults, in our brokenness, blindness and sin, often miss this truth, it still shines forth and it will shine forth for all eternity.

May the 55 million innocent children that we as Americans have legally put to death since 1973 "gather round Him bright like stars with glory bound."

Another Colleen Nixon Song....

Here is another older song by Colleen (see post below) about being loved for who we are, not what we look like or what we can "do" for others. We long for this kind of total, freeing love.

Good stuff :)

Colleen Nixon Is Amazing....

I absolutely love the music of Colleen Nixon. Her voice is amazing and her lyrics are deep and powerful. A beautiful Catholic mother of two young children, she sings sacred as well as jazzy blues as well.

This song is one she wrote when she found out that she and her husband were pregnant with their second child while they were busy traveling the country doing music shows. They weren't sure how it would work out but God took care of them and they recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy.

When we trust God, things always work out.

Her album, Lake Ella's Sky, is amazing and is played very often in my car!

Theology of the Body vs 50 Shades of Grey...

Check out this compelling article from Catholic Exchange....

Nine Days of Prayer, Penance and Pilgrimage

Check out this VERY important novena from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops calling us to pray and do penance in remembrance of the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade.

Read more here. Let's do this, folks. We must put our faith into practice and through the grace of God, make a difference in this dark world.

Also, check out the Bishop's call to prayer here. It highlights what we really need to pray for and also calls us to go back to fasting and abstinence on all Fridays. People of goodwill! Let's unite in the grace, peace and willingness to love and serve God and His people.

The Blessing of Seven...

Check out this incredibly beautiful post below by my dear and holy friend who is expecting her seventh child. Long live openness to life! May she, her husband and family be richly blessed...

Read her other posts here

“She has a runny nose,” I confessed as I was heading out the door of the church nursery.
“Is it clear?” The supervisor asked glancing at me from the corner of her eye. “Mostly,” I admitted.  “If it has any color at all, she can’t stay,” she plainly stated. I was speechless. I picked baby girl up and motioned for Luke to join us and the three of us walked quietly out the door. I spent most of Mass in the crowded cry room trying to appease baby girl. It was not what I had in mind. I needed Mass today. I needed time to be quiet and still, to rejuvenate and worship. It’s not what I got. And why was I stuck in the cry room? Because I did the right thing, I could have easily not mentioned it. They probably never would have noticed. Every other child had a snotty no…

I Will Wait...

Love this song by Mumford & Sons.

I don't know if they wrote it to be about God but that's what I think when I hear it.

At times, the best thing we can do when waiting for God when all seems dark is to kneel down and wait for Him. We ask Him to forgive us, heal our hearts, eyes and flesh. We bow low to the ground and in due time God will raise us up. He will raise our hands and paint us "gold". This is awesome.

Jesus, we will wait for you.

I Wish This Moment Would Never End...

Perhaps all of us have had brief moments of time when everything seems so perfect and wonderful and we say to ourselves, "I wish this moment would never end." For a short time, everything else fades way. There are no arguments or war. There is no violence, strife or heartbreak. All seems right with the world and those moments captivate us and make our hearts long for eternal peace, love and joy.

I really feel like these moments are small glimpses into Heaven, where perfect love and fulfillment of desire and joy will never end. Everything will be right in Heaven. There is no disorder or tyranny. No hunger or oppression. Everything will be revealed and we will live with our Beloved forever.

Today I had one of those moments. The sun was out and the morning was kissed with warmth and freshness. The birds were flying in the sky and the trees were gently swaying while the puffy clouds floated by in the heavens. It was so peaceful and perfect and it made my heart long for eternity.…

Mother-Daugher Pilgrimage to Rome

Check out this cool article about true feminine beauty and a mother-daughter pilgrimage to Rome!

Christopher West's New Book

Here is the video promo for a new book titled Fill These Hearts from Christopher West. It looks to be AWESOME!

read more about it here--

The Beauty of St. Joseph....

Check out this beautiful painting by young artist Jason Jenicke.
The picture at left is his vision of St. Joseph and Jesus. Love it!

Scary Cupcake...

Why do I find this cupcake so weird??? Cupcake Stalker!

A Father's Love For His Daughter


Show Me...

This song by Audrey Assad is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. God bless her for writing such an amazing piece of music.